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Promptly Chronicled
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Friday, April 16, 2021


I stand on the bank of the river, watching a lone boat sail out to deeper water. I know I should be heartbroken, but instead, I only feel relief. 

I met Carson just a few weeks ago. He was a new recruit on one of the fishing boats and was ready to be back on dry land. He’d come into my bar in need of a hot meal and a stiff drink. The mere sight of him took my breath away. 

I took him home that very first night. There was just something about him that ignited my passions. The heat that flamed between us was more than intense. It was solar.

I came alive at the feel of his muscled chest against my bare skin. I longed for the grasp of his hands around my hips. My pouty lips danced along the curve of his neck. My body exploded in waves of inhibition with every primal thrust. He brought the animal in me to life.

For weeks, our bodies were entwined in a dance of unbridled passion. We studied each other’s movements. We embraced each other’s fantasies. We became each other’s desire. We achieved carnal perfection. 

When it came time for him to head back out to sea, he promised to return. He pulled a box out of his pocket and handed it to me. I opened it to find a beautiful, gold ring. I giggled in delight as he slipped the ring onto my finger. Tears of joy trailed down my face as I knew he would be mine forever

“I love you,” he said as he leaned in for a deep kiss. 

I felt the heat between us rising once again. My body came alive as his tongue ran the length of my neck. He pulled my blouse over my head, his fingers delighting the curves of my chest. I loosened his belt to free his pulsating manhood. I held him in my grip, bringing him to full attention.

He flipped me onto my back, lifting my skirt above my waist. I felt every inch of him enter my dampened domain. My muscles pulled him in deeper with each labored breath.

“I love you,” he said once again in a rhythmic tone. “I love you, forever.”

The words took hold of me and I could no longer control my surge. I pulled myself to him. Our bodies rocking in perfect unison. I wrapped my arms around his neck, my legs around his waist, drawing him in closer as we both began to rise. 

I could feel his rhythm quicken as euphoric grunts escaped his lips. I kissed his neck, my tongue as hard as him. I felt his racing pulse beneath my lips and contracting muscles against my own. 

Harder, faster. Our bodies clenched in perfect unison. He thrust himself deeper one more time, an animalistic growl emitting from his throat. I pulled him in closer, my tightening muscles refusing to release. 

I wrapped my lips around his throat one last time, sinking my teeth in as hard as I could. I drained his very essence from opposite ends, filling my soul with eternal fire, ensuring that he’d be mine forever.

Now, I stand on the bank of the river, watching that lone boat sail back out to deeper waters. They’ll be long gone before the husk of what was once a man, is found below decks. 

I head back to my bar and prepare for the day. I open the safe in the office and pull out a little box. I remove the ring and place it in the box, along with all the others. 

And he will be mine...forever.


I wrote this based on a writing prompt I created. I've been playing around with a Random Word Generator and came up with the words HEAT, RING, and SAIL. This story came out of that.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Monday, April 5, 2021

Wicked Scream

Mitchell Bowser on Unsplash

Aiden walked toward the barn, wondering what that strange sound was that came from the loft. He'd known that owls nested up there, but this sounded different. More like a scream than a screech.

It was darker than usual that night, with an almost sinister feel in the air. He chalked it up to the fact that the old barn had always given him the creeps, but tonight seemed worse than usual.  

He reached the barn doors within moments, trembling with each passing second. He noticed a thick, oozing liquid smudged across the handles. Though he couldn't be sure in the glean of the small yard light, he was sure it was made by a human hand. His pulse began to race.

He pulled on the sliding door, shivering at the creaking sound it made. Though he'd heard it a million times before, it seemed to decalcify his spine. 

He knew he should have brought a flashlight, but left it lying on the table. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and tried to find the app for its flashlight. He'd only used it once before and struggled to remember where it was. 

He finally found the app, momentarily forgetting his heart-pounding fears. This is until he heard that wicked little scream once again. 

He shined his phone's light up towards the rafters. He didn't see anything straight away, but he did detect some movement in the corner. He tried to sound brave when he called out, “Who's up there? I know you're there. Show yourself.”

Other than the echo of his own voice, the barn remained silent. 

He moved a little further into the barn, keeping his flashlight aimed upwards. Remembering that he'd been working out there earlier, he thought it best to shine the light out in front of him and it was a good thing he did. He was only inches away from walking into the handle of his drill press. 

He backed up a few steps when he felt something on his back. He froze instantly, his pulse the only thing still racing.

He slowly moved the flashlight directly in front of him, steadying himself to face whatever was behind him. 

On one heel he turned around, fearing the strange breathing he was sure he'd felt on the back of his neck.

Then he saw them. Those beady little eyes, glowing in the beam of light. 

He stared into the face of his deepest fear. A face complete with flaring nostrils and toothy snarl.

Then he heard the voice. A voice that sent waves of terror through his entire being.

“Dammit, Aiden. Are we gonna do this every time you drink beer and watch scary movies? Take your drunk ass back in the house. I swear, I married a moron.”

Aiden sunk to his knees, thankful that he'd been wrong about his fears once again. He headed back to the house but stopped in his tracks when he heard it again.

That wicked little scream. 


This story came about thanks to my friend, CJ Landry. I had no idea what a writing sprint was until she helped me realize it's nothing more than a well-done freewrite. In our 2nd session, I decided to write for the full 20 minutes with a brand new idea. And this is what I came up with. I think I kinda like it. Thanks CJ.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Just Another Pretty Unfamiliar Face

Meet Clarisse
created with the AI program

One of my favorite things is in coming up with new characters for my stories. Or just coming up with characters in general, that I then offer to my fellow writers because someone out there might be able to give them life. But I found a really cool tool that has helped me in my character quest. It's called This Person Does Not Exist and it's an Artificial Intelligence program that creates faces of people who don't exist.

I was led to this site by a gentleman by the name of J.A. Taylor. He is one of the creators of a little pub called Centina Pentina on the platform. They publish stories of 50 and/or 100 words each. I've been a huge fan of the publication for several months now and have had several pieces published through them. 

One of their prompts was to go through this site and find a picture of someone and create a story around them. It was a blast. I was lost on the site for 3 full hours before I remembered what I was supposed to be doing. I also noticed something a bit...odd. In some of the pictures, the computer hadn't gotten it quite right and there are weird abnormalities. For example, I found a picture of a guy with the partial face of someone sitting beside him. The thing is, she had an eyeball looking out of her MOUTH! It was say the least.

This creeped me out
Made with AI program

However, in that 3 hours, I met a whole new community of potential characters. And the thing is because they're not actual people, I can let them be whoever I want, or should I say, whoever they want to be. A lot of the pictures just seemed to have a name when I'd look into their eyes. 

One of the other places that Mr. Taylor turned me onto is the sister site of this one, called This Word Does Not Exist. Yep, you guessed it. It's an AI program that creates words that don't exist in a dictionary-esque way. The program will create new words, along with their meanings, as though in a dictionary. Or, you can invent your own words and upload them to have the program create the definitions behind them. It's a blast. 

I invented this word and this is the definition given by
the AI program

I love making up new words, but don't always have an idea of what they mean. Or I have an idea but not sure it works. This program is a blast if you like to invent words. I came to realize that most of the words I invent sound like either language dialects, ancient cultures, or medical conditions/treatments. I found that rather interesting. The one posted above was the only one I created that was defined as a game. A strange game, but a game nonetheless. 

So, hey, check them out and see if you can't get lost in a world of imagination. If you do check out This Person Does Not Exist, watch the little box that comes up at the bottom of the pages. It will lead you to another program that creates works of modern art. I loved that one.

Have fun and Happy writing!!!


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